Horizontal seismic valves PS-F-319

Horizontal seismic valves PS-F-317


ANSI B16.1 Flanged connections

Horizontal flow

Lenght: 16″3/8

Height: 9″5/8

Diameter: 13″1/2

Nominal Pipe Size:  DN200 ( 8″ )

Diameter On Center: 11″3/4

Diameter Hole: 7/8″

Number of Holes: 8

Max. Pressure: 60 psi (4.1 bar)

Ambient temperature:  -40°F (-40°C ) to 150°F ( 65°C )

Body: aluminium

Dry Fuel Gas, Natural gas, LPG, propane, butane, etc.

Listed by UL & Certified by CA State Architect in accordance with ASCE 25-97


earthquake valves PS-319F




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