Seismic Valves TSE Threaded

Seismic Valves TSE

Mechanical seismic valve certified to TS 12884 25-06 by Turkish Standards Institute and designed according to ASCE25-06 standard conditions

The valve will shut off the gas supply in case of an earthquake and will remain shut off  until it is manually reset.

Temperature: -23°C (-10°F)/ +66°C (150°F)
Pressure: 0.5 bars ( 7 psi )
Maximum test pressure: 2,5 bar ( 36 psi )
Thread length: NPT thread, length min 20 mm.
Gasses: Natural gas, LPG, methane, propane, air, non corrosive gaseous fluids.
Body parts in contact with gas are aluminum, brass and stainless steel.


MODEL Thread (G) DN Connection Position Max. Pressure
TS25  1” 25 Thread Vertical 500 mbar
TS32 1 1/4″ 32 Thread Vertical 500 mbar
TS40 1 1/2″ 40 Thread Vertical 500 mbar
TS50 2″ 50 Thread Vertical 500 mbar

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