Threaded seismic valves EM

Threaded earthquake valve EM

Threaded female connections: 1”, 1″1/4, 1″1/2, 2”

Vertical and Horizontal installation for 1″

Vertical installation for 1″1/4, 1″1/2, 2”

Normally open

Manually reset

Ambient Temperature: -23°C (10°F)/ +51.5°C (124°F)

Working Temperature: ‐10°C (50°F) / + 80°C  (176°F)

Maximum test pressure: 2.5 bar ( 29 psi )

Working Pressure: 0.5 bar ( 7 psi )

Closing time: less than 1 second

Protection: IP65

Body and cover: aluminum

Diaphragm / Oring / Sealing seat: H-NBR

Internal parts: aluminium, brass, POM – Nylon 6


The earthquake valves are designed and certified according to 2009/142/EC, TS 12884 (similar to ANSI Z21 and ASCE 25-97), EN 13611, EN 549 .

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