Gas Seismic Valves Specialist UK

Seismic gas shut-off valves are products specially design to close the gas supply in case of an earthquake. Mechanical anti-seismic valve provides protection for domestic houses, work places, small business, factories, etc. against the possibility of a fire or explosions due to the release of natural gas LPG, propane, butane, etc.

These valves don’t need an electrical power, when the valve feels the seismic vibrations it will automatically close and will remain closed until manually reset.

These valves prevent the gas accumulation which will leak out from the gas pipes during or after the earthquake, preventing a fire or explosion.

The trip mechanism consists of a steel ball resting on a tapered cup-shaped support. The movement of a seismic event makes the ball to move from the center of the support. The weight of the ball will act on the moveable pipe of the trip mechanism, activating the valve and initiating closure. The springs of the valve and the gas pressure will keep the closed position.  These earthquake valves have a window so that the open ( green ) or closed ( red ) indicator can be seen and determinate the trip mechanism’s status.

These seismic valves will automatically shut off the gas supply in case of an earthquake with the magnitude of 5 or more. The valves must be installed between the gas meter and the building.


gas seismic valves