About us

Our company is specialized in exporting seismic valves all over the world.

We can offer a large variety of earthquake valves for domestic use but mainly for industrial applications.

Our portfolio includes mechanical seismic shutoff gas valves, electric actuated earthquake valves, seismic switches and 3 way earthquake valves.

In our wide range of products we can offer anti-seismic valves with:

  • CE Certificate: Directive 2009/142/EC,
  • TSE Certificate (TSE 12884), EN 13611, EN 549
  • CE Certificate: Directive 97/23/EC,
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate,
  • CSA ASCE 25-06 Certificate,
  • TSE Certificate of Eligibility Services,
  • UL Certificate of Compliance ASCE 25-06,
  • DSA Certificate,
  • City Of Los Angeles RR5080

All the products are individually tested, have a serial number and don’t need maintenance.

Seismic shutoff gas valves can have:

  • NPT threaded valves
  • ANSI B16.1 flanged connections
  • DIN PN 16 flanged connections

We can offer 3 types of earthquake shutoff valves:

  • Horizontal flow
  • Vertical – Top In Flow
  • Vertical – Bottom In Flow

Working pressure:

  • 0.5 bars ( 7 psi )
  • 4 bars ( 60 psi )

CE Certificate CSA ASCE 25-06 Certificate TSE 12884 UL Certificate of Compliance ASCE 25-06